Random encounter: Man is forced into pillow fight in broad daylight

Oh my fucking god

god fucking damnit

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Some blends I did on Adagio ovo I have others made just no art yet

check em out!

Oh editedityes i kno i spelt mabel wrong fml Ill change it eventually
I also did Bill on Adagio hon hon hon
This happens at everything we look at though people dont notice with stationary unrythmatic objects. Our eyes conduct the quickest movement they can at a glance it seems our brain is playing catch-up. The clock is the most known example. Id say its incorrect to say your brain is making up a false memory. Its just trying to extend reality to maintain an ongoing conciousness, not constructing an elaborate memory.
I suppose it depends on how you view “making up a memory” i wouldnt categorize an extended second as a memory persay.
2 of 4 for tiyo, prompt being ‘familiar feelings’ did a more sketchy old photo vibe for it
you belong to me
fer teh tiyo
doktor eisenheiiiim nyeheheh
can’t remember if i posted this here so
postin it 8T
autlaw on fa